Candidate Who Scored minus 9 In Math, 0 In Gk Will Now Teach Math At School

Teachers are our first idols and as students, they are the ones we look up to but how are students supposed to idolize a man who has failed in the subjects that he is going to teach?

This incident is from Rajasthan where a candidate who scored 0 marks in GK and educational psychology along with -9.97 in Maths has been hired to teach Math to students in a government school.

What is astonishing is the fact that the hiring committee knows about his marks and they claim that the candidate has been shortlisted through the appropriate procedure and they also believe that he is capable of teaching a subject to students where he failed and scored negative marks.

The candidate’s marks have been made public recently and the fact that he is nowhere qualified to be teaching students makes no difference to the State Public Commission of Rajasthan.

Such is the condition of government schools in our country and hence parents prefer their children working at a young age and contributing to the family’s total income.

It is very unfortunate for the students who will be under the supervision of a man who failed to get even a mark in the subject that he has been assigned to teach. One can only imagine the future of these students and feel ridiculous about the quality of education they shall receive at this school.

If we dream of a developed country, we must understand that the foundation of it needs to be laid at the primary level which begins at schools and if this is the condition of the faculty, then we certainly don’t have a very bright future.

The candidate is undoubtedly unfit for the position of a teacher and it is no less than a crime to let him take responsibility for the education of students in this government school. If you believe the same, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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