Culprit Muhammad Ansari arrested for raping a Cow with coconut oil in Mangalore

Humans can’t get any worse than this and there seems no end to the bestiality of men. In yet another offensive act, a calf has been reportedly raped by Mohammad Ansari, in Kunjathbail of Manguluru, reports Mangalore Mirror. What’s going on in our country?

According to the reports, the local villagers and activists seized Mohammad Ansari while raping a calf in a grass field. According to the villagers, Ansari tied the limbs of the calf with a rope and then raped the poor creature.

A video is doing the rounds on social media, where the rape accused has been nabbed by the activists.

In the video, it can be clearly seen that Ansari admitted to his crime of having ‘unnatural sex’ with the calf. The activists then got hold of a bottle of oil from Ansari’s shirt pocket to justify the case that he is using it for the infamous act.

“We worship cow like our mother and you are having sex with it,” said one of the activists after nabbing Ansari.

According to the video, it is understood that Ansari’s shirt had clear traces of cow dung stuck on it.

Ansari confessed that he originally hails from Jharkhand. After that, the men in the area starts to Ansari who starts to cry. The activist then asked Ansari how many times he committed such acts earlier. To this question, Ansari said that it was for the first time he did it. “Do you do the same with your sisters?” the activist asked Ansari again.

The villagers also made Muhammad Ansari touch cow’s feet and ask for forgiveness. Nonetheless, when Ansari went up to the calf, the animal got frightened and ran away. The angry activist after observing all these activities said, “It is running as its scared of you. Look what have you done, the poor animal is running. It thinks you are coming again for the same thing.”

The Kaavor police officials confirmed the report that the villagers arrived at the spot where Ansari was involved in the act and caught him. The Manguluru police have also registered a complaint against him.

The crimes of bestiality have increased recently as a large number of such kind of infamous barbaric crimes are being reported in the country. Last year, a cow was reportedly raped by Chotu Khan (elderly man), in Suthaliya town, Madhya Pradesh.