Take care of your family, or else no salary for you – Assam Government warns

According to Indian culture, Parents are placed on par with Gods. The apt phrase, ‘Respect your parents, teachers and elders’ just sums up the whole nation’s philosophy. India is well known for its virtual importance of discipline and moral values, which we take pride in being an Indian.

The unconditional love that the parents have for their children is unmatched that they handle their child with complete care and protection. We run short of adjectives and superlatives to describe the affinity between parents and children. On the dark side, things are not the same now as it was before.

Credits: Hindustan Times

There are some people who take care of their parents till their last breathe whereas some fail to do the same which is deemed contrary to the spirit of human values. Assam Government has passed a rule that every government employee should take care of their parents. If they fail to do so, the 10% percent of salary deducted from their monthly earnings will be given to the parents and siblings.

“The idea is to make parental care compulsory for employees. The government is duty-bound to act if parents complain against uncaring sons or daughters employed with it,” said health and finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

“This is part of a BJP design to tell the world that the Assamese are cruel, and don’t generally take care of their parents,” said former chief minister Tarun Gogoi.

Finance and health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma was quoted as saying by Deccan Chronicle that, “We intend to bring PSU and private sector employees also under this Act gradually.”

The state Assembly approved the Assam Employees Parental Responsibility Norms for Accountability Monitoring Act, 2017, that intends to prevent neglect of government workers’ parents and physically challenged siblings.

Chaithanya G
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