Meet a 2-year-old kid Aaliyah -Her brain works faster than 8GB RAM computer

What is the best memory of yours when you were 2 years old? Playing with toys, hide-and-seek, Musical chairs, Ring a Ring o’ Roses, singing rhymes and many other games that fall in the same bracket of fun-filled entertainment. Hesitating to go to school, has to be one of the nightmares for every kid of that age.

Parents and teachers play an important role in the build-up to kids’ success. There is no doubt about that. All that matters is the child’s progress during the school year. The phrase ‘some are born intelligent and others are born dumb’ is not acceptable by any means. People are born with differing potentials.

2-year-old Wonder kid Aaliyah (Credits: Pinterest)

Not many have been able to create wonders in today’s world but the ones with willpower and determination have. Some of the kids went on to prove that age is just a number. Meet the 2-year-old wonder kid – Aaliyah who has achieved such a rare feat by creating iconic history and scripting her name in the India Book of Records.

Hailing from Tamil Nadu, Aaliyah took part in the ‘Memory Record’ game where the participants need to recognise maximum Geometrical and Non-Geometrical shapes in 60 seconds.

In an event that was held at the head office of India Book of Records in Faridabad, Haryana on September 28, one needs to identify at least 25 shapes to determine the sharpness and sheer brilliance of the participant. But Aaliyah was the pick of the participants as she identified as many as 35 geometrical and non-geometrical shapes in a minute.

Aaliyah’s parents knew their child’s potential very well. Everyone got stunned after seeing Aaliyah’s brilliance. Much to her decisive thinking, she was conferred with a trophy, medal and a certificate by the event organiser. Currently, Aaliyah along with her parents live in Abu Dhabi.