I drink only Rain Water, and never ever got ill in last 30yrs: claims Retd banker from Telangana

There are still many areas in India that don’t have the supply to clean and good drinking water. In addition to that, not many people cannot afford to install expensive water purification devices in their homes.

However, Rain water is considered the purest form of water. Impurities and salts present in water on earth are left behind during vaporisation by the sun.

In a shocking development, a man from Telangana has been drinking rainwater for over 3 decades. Ponnada Vasantha Kumar, a resident of Sangareddy town in Telangana, made up his mind 32 years ago that he would only drink rainwater, since then he has been drinking only rainwater.

Vasantha Kumar is a retired banker who resides in Sangareddy Town in Telangana and he drinks only rainwater. He stores rainwater and uses it throughout the year. He collects rainwater from his rooftop from six drums lined up in his balcony. He has installed a system in his house to collect rainwater using a pipe. He has been doing this for over thirty years now.

He mixes some alum in each drum to make the water clean and drinkable and uses the water after a couple of days. “After filtering the water, I store it in a copper vessel and use it for drinking. I don’t use any other water and this has been my practice for the last 32 years,” said Kumar.

Kumar said he never fell ill and never had to consume any medicine. “I don’t have problems like joint pains, blood pressure or diabetes. Even in this rainy season, I sweat and I believe it’s all due to the rain water which has all the minerals in required quantity,” he said.

He also used the rainwater for cooking purposes as well. Even six years after retirement from a local bank, Kumar is physically fit. He personally does all his daily chores at home, walks and cycles in the town.

“We have nature’s biggest gift in the form of rain water but unfortunately we don’t use it. I can’t describe in words the taste and benefits of rain water,” said Kumar.

He realised the benefits of rainwater three decades ago when he returned to Sangareddy after spending a few years in Hyderabad. “People used to tell me that water from Gandipet has made you healthy and fair. I began thinking what is so special about water from Gandipet and then I found that this reservoir is rainfed,” he said.

After shifting to Sangareddy, Kumar started drinking rain water and made it a habit.

He eagerly waits for the rainy season. He doesn’t store water from the first showers as it contains more dust particles. Due to copious rains in Sangareddy almost every year, he has never faced a shortage.

Dharam Sikarwar
Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.