Kerala is setting historical example- 30 million trees to be planted in the state- CM orders

When we see ‘green colour’, it reminds us of trees, plants, grass etc. Trees are the best living creatures on the planet because it gives the necessary oxygen to the humans, animals and other living species. To emphasize the importance of trees, in particular, they are selfless creatures that don’t ask anything in return barring the plethora supply of water.

When it comes to trees and nature, Kerala never ceases to amaze us for its evergreen beauty and its looks. It is arguably the best place for nature lovers in India. Some call it ‘Land of Nature’ or ‘Land of Coconuts’. There is a saying that ‘if we find comfort in the shade today it’s because of that anonymous person who planted a tree a long time ago’.

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With a steady decline of trees due to the infamous deforestation activities, the planet is losing its core part of trees. Without trees, life on earth is unimaginable and planting trees should be our main motive. Kerala has come up with an initiative to plant 3 crore saplings this year, which other states should consider doing this to protect the environment.

Kerala Forest department had already taken measures under the state’s Haritha Keralam Mission last year with one crore plants. This time it has set high standards which is a great sign. The saplings include native species like neem, custard apple, rambutan, Indian blackberry (jamun or njaval), mahogany, bamboo, teak. It also includes sacred grove varieties such as Bilva (koovalam), Hopea parviflora (kambakam), and Cassia fistula (kanikkonna), J R Ani, Assistant Conservator of Forests (Social Forestry), Thiruvananthapuram, told The Hindu.

The project is being backed by the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change and will come to a close before June 5 recognised as ‘World Environment Day.’

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