Kerala: 42yr old mother and son clear civil services exams together, become govt officers

Sometimes there are countless pearls hidden in the stories of life, which we just need the vision to recognize. One such inspiring story is that of Bindu, a woman from Kerala. This story of hers is a testimony to the struggle and dedication through which she was successful in realizing her dreams. The incredible story of the mother-son duo, Bindu, who along with her son qualified for the Public Service Commission exam, reminds us that education and dreams are not bound by age, but by passion and resilience.

According to online sources, ‘Vivek demonstrated his mettle by securing an impressive rank of 38 in the Lower Divisional Clerk (LDC) examination, while Bindu secured an impressive rank of 92 in the Kerala State Public Service Commission’s Last Grade Servants (LGS) examination.

This mother-son duo from Malappuram, Kerala celebrated together as their dreams came true. He emphasized how Bindu has been a constant source of encouragement for him and acknowledged the important role she played in their shared success. He also acknowledged the valuable contributions of his father and the inspiration he received from his teachers.

During an interview, he said, “We both studied together, but we didn’t expect to qualify together. We both are very happy.” Vivek revealed that this was his mother’s fourth attempt to clear the exam, as she had faced challenges in her previous attempts. Once he became eligible to appear for the exam, he joined coaching classes with his mother and started attending them regularly.

Despite being committed to her work, Bindu could attend coaching classes only on Sundays. Her goal was to crack the ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services) Supervisor Exam, and her diligent efforts in that direction inadvertently led her to crack the LGS Exam. “It is as a result of the efforts made by ICDS that it has achieved this feat,” Vivek said.

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