Doctor found his wife with two men in a hotel room, wife is also a doctor

A surprising case has come to light from Kasganj in Uttar Pradesh, the video of which is going viral on social media. A doctor’s husband caught his wife red-handed in an objectionable situation in a hotel. That means the doctor’s wife was found in a hotel room with her two lovers. He began beating his wife and her two lovers. The police are investigating the matter.

The wife was living separately from her husband for a year due to some dispute. The wife has two lovers, one from Bulandshahr and one from Ghaziabad. When the husband forcefully opened the door of the room, the wife was hiding in the bathroom of the room with her two lovers. His wife is a government doctor. After the commotion, the police reached there and arrested the two lovers, the doctor’s husband, and his two relatives under section 107/151 of CrPC and breach of peace.

This matter is quite surprising. Where a doctor caught his wife red-handed having fun with her two lovers in an objectionable situation in the hotel. Both of them got married in 2013 but due to some dispute, both were living separately for a year. The husband was suspicious of his wife for a long time, so he was keeping an eye on her for many days. On Wednesday, his wife went to the hotel with two youths and caught all three of them red-handed.

The video has been shared from @NCMIndiaa’s X account, which has received more than 1.1 million views and about 6 thousand likes so far. After watching the video, users expressed their views and shared various of reactions.

A user writes, ‘And here we go again even man is being victim he is being arrested; while women enjoying even after doing adultery….. Irony!

Another user writes, ‘India as a society and civilization will pay heavily for the selection of a western woke as CJI.’

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