8 Richest Businessmen In Delhi, Their Net Worth In Mind-Blowing!

Delhi has the highest number of rich people in India after Maharashtra. The capital is home to some of the richest individuals, most of whom are business owners. According to reports in 2020, the capital drew a cumulative wealth of about 8,55,600 crore INR, of which 42% of the total wealth consisted of the 10 wealthy of which 8 are listed below. 

Let’s have a look at the 8 richest businessmen in Delhi and their net worth: 

1. Shiv Nadar: 

8 Richest Businessmen In Delhi, Their Net Worth In Mind-Blowing!

Shiv Nadar, founder of HCL Enterprises and Chief Strategy Officer at HCL Technologies (Indias 3rd largest IT services organization), who started the company in a garage in 1976 now has a net worth of 141,700 crore INR. 

Originally, Shiv started HCL to make microprocessors and calculators. 

2. Vikram Lal: 

Vikram Lal is the owner and former CEO of Eicher Motors, a company that was founded by his father, Mohan Lal. Either Motors is the company that produces the famous ‘Royal Enfield’ bike. He has a net worth of 30,600 crore INR. 

3. Sunil Mittal: 

Sunil Mittal, the Telecom Tycoon who is the founder and chairman of India’s leading mobile phone operator, Bharati Airtel, has a net worth of 1,08,979 Crore INR. 

4. Dr. Anand. C Burman: 

Dr. Anand is one of the wealthiest people in India. He is the Chairman of Dabur India and has a net worth of 22,400 crore INR. 

5. Ravi Jaipuria: 

Recognized as India’s “Cola King”, Ravi Jaipuria, Chairman of RJ Corp, has a net worth of 25,700 crore INR. 

6. Pawan Munjal: 

8 Richest Businessmen In Delhi, Their Net Worth In Mind-Blowing!

Pawan Munjal is amongst the most well-known business leaders in India. As the managing director of Hero MotoCorp, he has a net worth of 26,880 Crore INR. 

7. Rajiv Singh: 

Appointed in 2020 as the Chairman of DLF Ltd, India’s leading and largest real estate developer, Rajiv Singh has a net worth of 32,800 crore INR, which earned him the title of being the second wealthiest person in the state. 

8. Vijay Shekhar Sharma: 

Named as the youngest Billionaire in India by Forbes in 2017, Vijay Shekhar has a net worth of 23,000 crore INR. Vijay is the founder and CEO of Paytm and ONE97 communications.

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