23yr old girl gives birth to baby, kills it instantly- police have arrested

A heart-wrenching incident is being discussed in the city of Kochi, Kerala, where a mother stands accused of the murder of her newborn baby. The community is reeling in shock, grappling with the disturbing nature of the crime. The infant, tragically, was purportedly thrown from the fifth floor of an apartment onto the street below. This harrowing incident has cast a pall of unease over society, leaving many questioning and searching for answers. Law enforcement is actively investigating the matter to uncover the truth behind this distressing occurrence.

Police confirmed reports of a tragic discovery in the Panampilly Nagar area, where sanitation workers came across the dead body of a newborn baby wrapped in plastic. The investigation revealed that a woman attempted to kill the child secretly, without telling anyone, not even her parents. Police reported that she gave birth to the baby in the bathroom, subsequently wrapping it in plastic and discarding it on the road. Authorities verified that the occurrence concerned a non-marital pregnancy.

Initial findings from the post-mortem examination suggest that the individual’s demise resulted from a skull injury, accompanied by additional injuries to the lower jaw. Subsequently, the mother has been apprehended on charges of murder and is presently receiving medical treatment in the hospital. Law enforcement authorities have disclosed plans to transfer her to a detention facility following her recovery. However, the precise motives behind this tragic incident and further details remain undisclosed at this time.

The confirmation of whether the woman was a victim of rape remains pending as police continue their investigation. The Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has initiated inquiries into the incident and has requested a detailed report from the Kochi City Police Commissioner. KV Manoj Kumar, the Chairman of the Child Protection Rights Commission, emphasized the imperative of safeguarding children, stating that those unable to protect them should refrain from committing atrocities like the one under scrutiny. He highlighted existing government mechanisms like Ammathottil and child boarding homes, stressing that these facilities ensure the safe upbringing of children.

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