Akshay Kumar gives an epic reply when asked about Prithviraj Chauhan’s birthplace, read details

Akshay Kumar is amongst the top actors in India. He was the first Bollywood actor whose films’ domestic net lifetime collections crossed 20 billion INR. Akshay as an actor is widely acclaimed for his comedic performances, although he has had similar success in romantic and action genres.

In fact, he is not just a reputed actor in the Bollywood industry but also a philanthropist and a good human being. When it comes to helping others at the need of the hour, Akshay is second to none. He has not only extended his services to the film industry but has also won people’s hearts by giving back to society.

Not long ago, the Bollywood star had launched the trailer of Prithviraj Chauhan with much fanfare in the city on May 9. Meanwhile, during the promotional event, one of the media personnel had asked the actor a trivia question regarding the courageous king’s birthplace.

To this, the Bollywood actor gave an epic reply which will leave all his fans in awe of him. According to a news report in Pink villa, the media personnel had asked Akshay Kumar, where was Prithviraj Chauhan born in Gujarat or Rajasthan.

To this, he echoed that the most important thing is that the brave king was from India. The Bollywood superstar said, “I think Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan was from Hindustan. He was from Hindustan, and I will only say that these things don’t matter, he was from Hindustan no matter where he lived, he was the son of Bharat Mata and that is more important than anything.

“After seeing Britishers divide and rule on us, at least now, we should now understand. Let’s leave the question about where he was from, how he was, the most important thing is that he was from our country and that is enough,” he added.

The actor said, “It brings together history, patriotism, the portrayal of the values that we should live by, and also tells a story of love that is rare to find.”