Sister and Brother together invents a vessel for village people to keep their food healthy and fresh for very long time

Keeping in mind how difficult it is for those who live in rural areas to keep their food fresh and warm for a long, Vinayak Prabhu along with sister Kavya Prabhu has created a low-cost vessel which is affordable for the poor.

Vinayak, a third-year Computer Science engineering student from the Manipal Institute of Technology and his sister Kavya Prabhu, an MBA student at the same university has created a gift for village people. Their vessel is known as Akshaya Patra.

Photo credit: Bangalore Mirror and India Times

Inside the vessel, there are a hot box, water heater and a grain dryer that work together to keep food warm and healthy. The device works perfectly fr all types of food items and it costs very low.

“Akshaya Patra is covered with glass wool which prevents heat from emanating outside the container, hence keeping the food hot for long hours. It is compatible with all devices, including a gas stove, firewood and even an induction cooker.

“The most surprising advantage is that the food will remain intact for 24 hours without consuming extra energy to reheat.” Vinayak Prabhu told BM

Some other amazing feature in this device is that all the functions can happen in one single vessel. You can cook, store and keep it warm and free in the same pot. 

“It is a tested product and in future, we hope to use thinner metal sheets to increase efficiency and reduce the gap between containers. It will increase the heat transfer as well. We also have a promotion strategy in place. We hope to conduct demonstrations in panchayats and launch campaigns,” he said.