High ranked Retired officer runs taxi and donates all earned money to fund quality education for village students

There are many situations come in front of us which shows that god exists in this living world. To prove his existence, he tries to surprise human. As we are living in this astounding world and are witness of these surprises. Today too, good people survive us and this is the only reason why earth is still breathing.

Today we are talking about Jastej Singh, who is pursuing his MBA from Delhi.

One morning he had to head back to his hostel from his campus, so he booked an Uber cab for the same. Cab arrived on time and he saw a very gentleman driver dressing beautifully in his dress who must be in his 60s, was cleaning the back seat of the car for Jastej. Jastej loved to join the driver on the front seat of the car as he was alone.

The Indian Express

When Jastej asked, what is need to clean the seat, the man replied with a soft smile of his face that, he wants to make sure every student can sit on the neat and clean seat. Jastej said “kabhi apney bachon ko MBA mat karana” jokingly. The man replied “why are you worried about the case study, bas SWOT analysis karo and make sure that your solution is sustainable for at least 5 years,”. The reply was unexpected for Jastej, as no one expects the academic solution from a cab driver with this amazing confidence.

After hearing these words, Jastej agitatedly started talking to him and he came to know that, 60 years old Uber driver is a retired General Manager of the India’s one of the biggest PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings), whose wife is a professor in a Business School in Delhi and his son is an Officer in Merchant Navy. Their lifestyle is very admirable and pension is enough for him to live ample life in Delhi NCR but still, he doesn’t want to sit indolent at home.

Driving cars is his passion, with which he started working with Uber and proved that no work is small or undeserving for anyone. He gives his money earned by this, for the bright future of the poor and needy children. The reason behind this work is “he was one of the students in Ghaziabad who joined the local Ingram.” He drives the car to pay fees for those poor children of the same Ingram who are very brilliant but are not able to incur the money for the education.

A zest of creating new things for others makes someone happy more that doing things for themselves. The reason of their happiness is the joy of the deeds.




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