Forget OLA and Uber, these two Indians are breaking the internet with their taxi app

Ola and Uber have started playing their monopolistic game in the Indian market. We often see the high surge and unexplained high fare. Drivers are also badly hit, the number of cars have increased drastically thereby cutting down the trips per driver. Drivers are also charged 20% commission on their earning thereby worsening the situation on the driver’s part.

A third player in the app based taxi market in India is highly desired to break this monopoly by challenging these established unicorns like Ola and Uber.

Rahul Sharma and Partha Saikia (also known as the Start up duo of Assam) has taken this challenge by launching their startup named OGO to break the monopoly of these giants by offering a better deal to both passenger and the drivers and everyone seems to be supporting their endeavor.

With every passing day, the number of people downloading the app is improving rapidly. OGO app has been downloaded by 18,750 members from playstore by 8th of July, just 5 days after it began in Guwahati, Assam. Within 4 days, they completed 10,000 rides and over 1,400 drivers have enrolled themselves into the company. OGO is taking the industry of app based cabs by storm.

We all live with a mindset thinking their aint any company which provides better services than Ola and Uber but here’s OGO in the market, which is providing services at a lot more cheaper cost as they don’t charge surge pricing.

Rahul and Partha are already much known for their startup called Awe Rides which is a self drive car and bike sharing startup operating in Guwahati, Chandigarh, Pune and Siliguri. In one year, they have completed over 1,00,000 day rides in Awe Rides.

To augment their business further more, Rahul and Partha have launched their new project OGO on 3 July 2017, which is an app based on app mobility and logistics provider. The project was launched by the Science and Technology minister of Assam Mr. Keshab Mahanta and Transport minister Chandra Mohan Patowary.

They are already making crores in Awe Rides and with OGO it seems they are targeting something really really big. Well, this indeed is remarkable, considering they’ve achieved these numbers in such a short span of time. Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship honored Rahul and Partha with the best start up award in the North East. We live in a world which is quite difficult to survive and we need more role models like Rahul and Partha to boost us with inspiration to move forward.

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