A man denied entry at Kolkatta mall, he was let in when he spoke fluent English

article source: India Today

A man in Kolkata was barred from entering a mall after he came wearing a dhoti. He was let off soon after he argued in chaste English.

It seems some parts of the country continue to reel under colonial hangover. In a shocking incident a man was prevented from entering a mall for wearing a dhoti.

A friend of the man claimed that he was dressed respectably yet the mall officials prohibited him upon looking at his traditional Indian dress.

The incident took place at Kolkata’s Quest Mall.


Incidentally, it has been reported that the man was let off soon after he argued in chaste English. Sources said that the man was stopped by security personnel outside the mall who later informed the management.

A friend of the man in question confirmed that he was allowed inside only after he argued with he security personnel in English.

The man later confirmed that when they approached the mall’s management, they were told that people wearing ‘dhoti’ or ‘lungi’ were not allowed inside.

The incident has triggered a barrage of reactions on social media with several people attributing the incident to racial profiling.

Soon after the incident, a Kolkata based actor Debleena Sen shared videos and images of the incident. Sen also said that when the man approached the management they were specifically asked not to film the interaction.