Railways carries water to flood-hit victims in Kerala to quench their thirst

When almost entire Kerala faced an unpleasant experience due to heavy downpour and the flash flood for the past 7 days, the whole nation stepped forward and took prime responsibility to help the neighbouring state by supplying whatever things they needed in tough times.

It is learnt that it is the worst flood in the state in 100 years. Thanks to Southern Railways as they dispatched 2.8 lakh litre drinking water in 7 BRN wagons in syntax tanks from Tamil Nadu’s Erode at 4 pm. Also, a 15 BRN flat wagons are being shifted from Chennai to Erode. 

Credits: ANI

Drinking water will be delivered to the Government of India soon. According to ANI, “Southern Railway dispatched 7 BRN wagons with syntax tank carrying 2.8 lakh litre drinking water from Tamil Nadu’s Erode at 4 pm. 15 BRN flat wagons with Syntax water tanks being moved from Chennai to Erode. Water will be dispatched to the Government of Kerala.”

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