Raghuvir was Amazon’s delivery boy, today he is the owner of four tea delivery centers

Home delivery now-a-days is a trend and everyone wishes everything at home without going through any hassles, because we are living in a digital and fast-paced world. Today’s world is smart and cashless.

We have entered a world which allows you to wish for a food and it will get delivered at your door-step. Yes, we have many food delivery services at your doorstep only in urban areas.

This is where Raghuvir Singh Chaudhary understood the gap very well and started the delivery services for snacks and tea in Jaipur.

Source: YourStory

Raghuvir has a very poor family background, that he had to give up on his higher education and started working as a delivery boy in Amazon to earn some money. Amazon used to pay him only Rs. 9,000 per month. He used to deliver items on cycle as he was not able to afford a bike and this was very tiring for him. Sometimes he was not able to take even a single tea break because finding a good tea stall was itself a very big challenge for him.

The idea behind the idea of delivering tea and snacks was struggle that he has done and struggle of many other people in finding a good tea after a feverish day.

With the support of his 3 friends, Raghuvir started his tea delivery services at doorstep. He started making his network with vendors and deliberately increased his network with 100 vendors. Immediately he started the delivery of tea and snacks which everyone liked, and now there are many vendors who order tea and snacks from him.

The day he bought his first bike, he considers his first and the biggest achievement of life. Now Raghuvir is the owner of four centers that deliver tea in Jaipur and nearby places from which he receives around 500-700 orders per day. One lakh rupees is the average earning of Raghuvir these days and now he is the owner of four bikes he uses for delivery only.

A successful person always learns something from the circumstances and the situations they faced in their life.

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