Husband started his business with wife’s passion and now owns a company with turnover of crores


New generation has many innovative ideas to open business. They know very well how to mold their hobbies into passion. We have studied about many successful startups and ventures started as a hobby but with time it became people’s choice and established as a business.

Today I have a similar story of successful startup of a business for you all where a wife’s passion has turned out to be a business idea for husband and made him a millionaire.

Gagan Jain, who is a known personality now among rich businessmen used to wear his wife’s painted shirts. His wife had a hobby of painting fabrics where she started painting her husband’s shirts and people used to appreciate his painted shirts styles. Gagan thought that if people are appreciating so much, they may like to buy this too. He has seen good chances for his business in this and decided to do a startup.

Source: Booknews

4 years ago, Gagan and his wife Niti Jain visited Indore with this idea and have started a company with the name “RangRage” with their savings of Rs 15 Lacs only.

According to media reports, Gagan says that that he had worked in Muscat on working Visa for a fashion brand. Niti has a high craze for painting but she was not able to work there in Muscat. Just for the sake of her hobby, she started painting his shirts. When few people showed their interests in purchasing these shirts, he immediately decided to implement this idea for a business startup. He immediately left his job and came to Indore to start “RangRage”, this is how it established.

While initially Niti used to design only outfits where gradually demand increased and she started designing for handicrafts, pillows, bedsheet covers and various decorative items. Today, company’s annual turnover touched 2 crores. Not only this much, they even have 200 employees working for “RangRage” who fulfill demands from customers all over the world.

With this success story of Gagan and Niti, we can learn that we have numerous business ideas around us and we only must find the suitable one for us.

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