Auto Driver’s daughter makes our country proud, wins a gold medal outside India

They say every painful story has a successful ending. It’s true in Sandeep Kaur’s case. Coming from a humble background, Sandeep always found a way to tackle the challenges. Sandeep’s father drives an auto in the streets of Patiala to make money for the family and the struggle was immense. His income was sufficient that the family didn’t sleep hungry.

The family faced financial problems and the villagers told their parents to force Sandeep Kaur to give up Boxing, which is her favourite sport. But her father supported his daughter through and through. He made sure that no distraction got in Sandeep Kaur’s way.

Sandeep Kaur (Credits: Twitter)

All these circumstances pushed Sandeep Kaur’s limits as she started to train herself beyond her imagination. It was her uncle, identified Simranjit Singh, who used to box at a village academy, motivated her to take up the sport.

She used to go with Simranjit Singh to a boxing academy near their village since she was a child. The moment she saw several young prospects boxing, her interest in the sport gradually grew. “I used to go with my uncle to a boxing academy near our village when I was a child. At the academy, I saw several youngsters box, and gradually my interest in the sport grew.”

She was just 8 when she first wore the boxing gloves and started training herself in the best possible way. She immensely trained under coach Sunil Kumar at the academy. The coach backed her quite well. He motivated and pushed her so much so that his student was able to get the best out of herself. “I was 8 when I first picked up the boxing gloves and started training,” Sandeep told TOI.

From being a village girl to winning the gold medal for India in Poland, success didn’t really come easy for Sandeep Kaur. The 16-year-old indeed has a long way to fulfil her dream. The teenage sensation made sure that India’s flag was waving high outside India at the 13th International Silesian Boxing Championships for women. She clinched the yellow metal in the junior section. Sandeep outsmarted her opponent, Poland’s Karolina Ampuska, by a fine margin 5-0 in the summit clash.

May what be the situation, if you follow your dream with the passion, grit and determination, you can surely achieve it. Sandeep Kaur’s inspirational story is one that needs to be circulated to other youths of the nation.

Originally Published In The Times Of India

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