Ever Thought Why Beer Bottles Are Green Or Brown In Colour?

There is a lot of demand for beer these days and at present, the beer industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is a significant global business, chipping in with whopping annual revenues of $294.5 billion.

Beer is much cheaper as compared to the most of the alcoholic products. Though countries consume alcohol to a large extent, beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world and it is loved by the majority of the people.

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Beer is also the third most popular of all beverages, only behind water and tea. Beer is not only consumed because of its price tag but it is also one of the oldest alcoholic drink in the world. It holds a strong history as well.

We may know about beer bottles and stuff but have you ever wondered why they are mostly brown or green in colour? There is a specific reason behind why the beer should be filled in only such bottles of 2 different colours.

In the ancient days, beer was sold in transparent bottles and the brewers learnt that the liquid in the clear bottles (colourless) was easily exposed to sunlight following which it affected the entire content causing some unpleasant smell.

This is because the Ultra Violet (UV) rays coming from the Sun reacts very easily with the acid in beer when filled in clear bottles. To sort out the woes, the brands came up with an idea of implementing brown colour for beer bottles as brown blocks the UV rays to react directly with the liquid stored in the bottles.

At the time of the fierce world war 2, there was a clear shortage of brown glass and with no option left, the brewers once again switched to the transparent bottles. They learnt that clear bottles didn’t sport a royal look which in turn, affected the entire sales of beer.

To catch up the pace and to inflate the sales and to make beer bottles look a bit more catchy with premium quality, the brewers used the new formula to use green colour in a bid to attract beer lovers again.

From then, the beer companies are using these 2 different colours to attract a wide range of customers at the best scene. Much to their trade secret, they started enjoying success after they introduced 2 different colours to pack a punch. Kindly share this information with your friends.

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