Beggar earns more than Chief Minister and owns an Apartment in Posh area in Mumbai


Begging is Rs 200 crores industry in Country, as per the communique, where a panhandler earns around Rs 60,000 every day. Do you believe this? Well, Mumbai is known as city of dreams for everyone and here is an unbelievable reality of a person who turned his dreams to come true being a beggar only, not sure if I should say him a beggar or not!

Bharat Jain- A Street Panhadler in Mumbai, who can be seen begging often in the city at busy Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or Azad Maidan. Bharat, who does a full time begging job for around 8 to 10 hours a day and earns around Rs 60,000 every day, is the owner of 1 BHK apartment worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars, in posh Parel area. His earning is even more than the income of Chief Ministers of India.


A 49-year old Bharat is India’s “Richest Beggar” and a complete family man too, who lives with his father, brother, 2 sons and wife at his Parel flat. He owns an apartment in a posh area of Mumbai city, also is an owner of a shop at Bhandup area. He has provided his shop on rent to a local shopkeeper and earning out around Rs 20,000 from the rent.

Also, you will be amazed to hear that this panhandler who is completely uneducated doesn’t want his sons to be like him, for which he has been providing his children a quality education. He always dreamt of a respectable life for his family and wants his children to grow up not as a beggar’s children, where sons are studying in class X and XII and are good at their studies.

Aren’t you surprised enough? Don’t raise your eyebrows, as we have many examples of beggars who has been begging all their life in Mumbai, which is known as city of dreams and these beggars are now earners of Lakhs and owns their own ventures of properties, wherein, Bharat Jain is counted as Richest among all in the country.


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