An acid attack victim fights her adversities bravely

Lalita Ben Bhansi’s life changed completely when a minor argument with her cousin led to Lalita Ben becoming a victim of an acid attack. Post then, she had to go through 17 surgeries in order to get her face back to normal shape, but that didn’t happen so easily.

Picture Source: Hindustan Times

“So many surgeries later, too, my face was deformed. In need for change, I moved from Azamgarh to Kalwa in Thane near Mumbai,” says Lalita, who was attacked by an acid back in 2012. But she remained optimistic and confident about a good future and here she is, preparing for her wedding reception after tying the knot on May 23.

She is getting married to a person named Shankar, who she accidentally met, all thanks to a wrong call. “Who would have thought an acid attack and 17 surgeries later I would find love. But it happened. And it all started with a wrong number. Shankar taught me to believe in love. It is a fresh start,” says Lalita.

Shankar, who works as a CCTV operator in Mumbai feels he couldn’t have asked for a better girl to get married than Lalita and the only tough thing about his marriage was to convince his mother that she was the one.

“I liked her from the beginning,” says the blushing groom. “I had to only convince my mother to accept my choice. I had to make Lalita believe that she too had the right to a better life.We will decide whether to settle in Mumbai or Ranchi depending on what Lalita wants,” he added.

Daulat B Khan, president of Saahas Foundation has claimed that actor Vivek Oberoi met Lalita in an event and has promised to bear the expenses of all her surgeries in the future. He also quoted that there are 21 more such acid attack victims under their foundation. “There are 21 such women in the foundation. Actor Vivek Oberoi met Lalita at one of their functions and agreed to pay for her surgeries in the future.” said Mr. Daulat B Khan.

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