He could’ve earned millions with his skill, but he helped govt for a good cause

In the field of hacking, It is very rare that a victim is offered support and help, or for that matter,  notified regarding the technical faults lying with their system that may lead them to a huge loss. We are all aware of the fact that hackers hack into systems and take away vulnerable data and sell them at high prices. Moreover they attack your system with virus or malware to gain full grip over the the data you possess. The worst part of the story is that the victim is absolutely clueless in the course.

In one such case, a young computer hacker displayed his talent by targeting giant websites of the country. He could easily have traveled all across the world without paying any ticket price, however he didn’t. We will tell you the entire story in following paragraphs.

20yr old Kanishk Sajanani is the boy who has given a reality check to airline companies about their cyber security. With no intention to harm others, Kanishk hacked into a dozen of Indian websites, and all within last month. He came into the limelight, when he stumbled upon major technical glitches such as Air India.

Unsurprisingly, when he comes to know about technical faults, he brings the matter to the knowledge of the concerned authorities by sending a mail to them. Likewise, Kaniskh had sent the first mail to Air India authorities on 4th Nov, 2015 but didn’t get any response till 12th Nov, 2015. Thereafter he had words with fiancé manager of Air India who called him and inquired to verify trustworthiness of susceptibility. To prove his claim, Kanishk presented his skill to them by booking a booking a ticket to the USA on their official website for Re.1. The presentation of the young boy indeed gave a shock to them, so much so that they quickly called in their security team.

He had sent all details of this process along with a video that showed how this process was carried out. Air India offered him with a chance of doing Internship with them but he refused it. In his hunting drive, he booked a ticket to Goa from Ahmadabad for Re.1, which actually cost Rs 4028. He then informed Spice jet, however they totally misunderstood his concern.

He got a reply from their GM, as they totally misunderstood the concern or they did not want to believe that their security was compromised. He has informed a number of companies about their vulnerability including eCommerce aspects, travel agencies, Home services, Government applications, Educational Institutions etc.