Father became Millionaire in 4 months with just one smart idea of his son


Invention is the talent of youth and judgement of age. In this century, it is not fair to measure capabilities as per age. Technology revolution make today’s children a genius, where the previous generation used to take years to learn things.

Today I am writing this story about the success of a person who started his life journey with a Hardware shop in Chandigarh. He has been doing pumping job for 15 years in Chandigarh with the same old technique like other shopkeepers do. He was also running his business in the usual way of a shopkeeper, customer purchases and he sells. He was managing his days with the customers coming on their own to buy items or parts. But one day his 14 years old son has given him some suggestions by keeping retail market needs in mind and finding new opportunities in retail. In the beginning father, has denied to accept the suggestion as he found it little weird and thought his son is a kid who has no knowledge of retail. But in the end, he gave those suggestions a try and within very few months he was in the list of known industrialists.

Source: NDTV Gadgets

This is story of success of a retail businessman K.S. Bhatia from Chandigarh. Few months back, no one knew the name K.S. Bhatia but today his business is in headlines of Punjab newspaper and even on Google too. He is active in his retail work from past 15 years and recently he has expanded his business in more than 50 cities with a great start of a website named pumpkart.com.

It is acclaimed by Mr. Bhatia, that he has been given this suggestion to sell online pumps by his 14 years old son on his birthday, also he has booked a domain for Pumpkart. K.S. Bhatia, who was working on a previous platform and way of shop keeping did not like the idea initially but when his son explained him, he understood its importance and followed as he suggested.

Mr. Bhatia says, “initially we have faced many difficulties. We have purchased variety of pumps first, which costed very much and started selling them online one by one.”

Now “Pumpkart.com” is India’s largest pump selling online store which provides option for cash on delivery and EMI too. Talent has no barriers.


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