Indian Engineering Students Create A Platform To Help Other Students

Meet Rhythm, Abhijeet, Shorya and Shobhit. Except Abhijeet who has passed out, all are Final year engineering students from BITS Pilani’s Hyderabad Campus, who still remember the time when they were preparing for their entrance examination. “We were full of tension and struggle, and the only thing we craved was to join a college which matches our calibre as soon as possible, nothing else” they said. That’s when they felt the need to come up with Career Crucible. It is a telephonic consultation platform for engineering aspirants to get connected to students from their prospective colleges. “We believe that advice from the right person can provide a great push in career. Every year lakhs of students attempt engineering entrance examinations to join reputed engineering colleges and guidance directly from people who have been there and done that can make a huge difference,” says the team.

Career Crucible provides aspirants with a service that bypasses all hurdles one faces to reach the right mentor by bringing verified students from engineering colleges join on a phone call with them, to guide them through the admission process providing insights about the college. The team says, “We decided to build a bridge that connects college going students with the aspirants. Many students from engineering colleges have joined this network for guiding aspirants. Now we have a network of 300+ verified college students from prestigious colleges like IITs, BITS, NITs and other reputed govt. and private colleges who are helping out aspirants in every possible way during admissions providing them complete insight about the colleges they are going to join thus helping them take an informed decision in their careers.”

Their work is quite impressive. They have listed the profiles of all the college students associated with them on their website: Each profile contains information about the student like name of his college, his branch, what languages he speaks, what are his interests, what engineering examination(s) he has given. Any aspirant/ parent can view profiles and choose whoever he feels like to talk to. Once finalized, all an aspirant needs to do is call 04039565283 and enter the consultant ID (mentioned in the consultant’s profile) and he will get connected to the college student. He can get complete insight about the college right from placements to mess food, hostels, college infrastructure, faculty and research opportunities. And guess what, they do not charge anything for doing all of this. The services are offered for free.

It’s incredible and unbelievable, what these guys at Career Crucible are doing. Even more heartening is to know about their motive behind creating this, and the magnitude of impact which the platform is having. It is common knowledge, that many students today, are either confused, misguided or misinformed. It is either due to lack of interaction with people who have a first-hand experience or due to the rampant commercialisation of educational institutions and the education system. Giving them a chance to interact with the alumni of an institute, surely helps them to avoid mistakes that others have made earlier and analyze a critical career decision.

However, The purpose of Career Crucible is much beyond helping in choosing an institution. For students, it’s about knowing where they will be for the next and the most crucial 4 year period of their lives, which is going to determine and shape their future. A foresight of what challenges one might have to deal with, and the opportunities that one is going to get, during the 4 years which he/she spends in a college. Every student will relate to this and understand how important it is.

Motto of the Career Crucible team: “A generation which is well informed, especially about their own education, can create a much larger impact in society than the previous generations ever did.”

Mr Sushant is an intellectual with corporate work experience in reputed international companies. He has a wide spectrum of interests and knowledge on subjects ranging from contemporary geopolitical environment to history, sociology, economics and beyond. He pens down exciting and inspirational stories and shares his views on various issues exclusively for The Youth's readership. You can follow him on Twitter @OfficeOfSA