Leftist Thrashed For Hurting Hindu Sentiments And Organizing Beef Festival

Member of a leftist student organization, which had yesterday held a ‘Beef Festival’ on the campus of the IIT Madras, was thrashed by another group of students today, who were angered by the act and claimed that it has hurt their religious sentiments.

To register their protest against the recent ban on the sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter by the Modi government, R Sooraj a PhD scholar in Aerospace engineering, along with approximately 70-80 other students who were his ideological associates and accomplices, committed the provocative act yesterday.

It has also come to light, that he allegedly used to demean, make fun of Hindu religion, and pass obscene remarks about Hindu deities very often, during meetings of his organization.

Picture source: twitter.com/republic

However as expected, the media has reported the incident to be a case of an assault by fringe group, reflecting a bias and inclination towards the left. It’s time they realised that such acts will not appreciated by any sane person in this country, even if you tag them as ‘fringe’ ‘right winger’ or ‘ultra nationalist’.

Besides, organizing an event like this on the campus of an esteemed educational institution like the IIT, doesn’t serve any fruitful purpose, except it being a deliberate attempt to hurt the sentiments of the Hindu community.

It is also very important to note, that such acts are being perpetrated by leftist organizations in Kerala and West Bengal as well, with the motive to create a perception that it is a symbol of being highly educated and liberal to eat beef, and the Modi government is acting like an authoritarian oppressor, by stopping them from doing so. But people being aware of leftist propaganda, thanks to the advent of social media, such propaganda is bound to fall flat on its face.

Lastly, we are not advocating violence on the campus or against political opponents, but provocation by such elements must not be defended or justified. Sentiments of the majority community need to be respected.

Mr Sushant is an intellectual with corporate work experience in reputed international companies. He has a wide spectrum of interests and knowledge on subjects ranging from contemporary geopolitical environment to history, sociology, economics and beyond. He pens down exciting and inspirational stories and shares his views on various issues exclusively for The Youth's readership. You can follow him on Twitter @OfficeOfSA