Hindu girls making reels are new targets of Jihadists, they make videos and blackmail them

Modern technology has improved our lives in many ways, but as a consequence, a new and dangerous face has also emerged. One of the rising crimes in the digital era is blackmailing young girls. In this particular case, Hindu girls have become the new targets of Jihadi elements on the pretext of making reels. The blackmail crimes of Ajmer 1992 have been repeated in which many minor girls were blackmailed and raped.

A post was shared by the Twitter handle Pakistan Untold in which it is claimed that the target of Islamists is now targeting girls who make reels. In addition to trapping girls through social media, Islamists are exchanging obscene videos with the girls and blackmailing them. Cases of gang rape of many minor girls have come to light in which many accused have also been arrested.

According to the Twitter post, Islamists befriended a Class 11 student on Instagram and committed a gang rape. Four accused have been arrested in this case. Earlier, three more accused, including a minor, were arrested. In the police investigation, similar to the Ajmer 1992 case, it has come to light that many girls from across the country are suspected to be trapped in the gang of the accused. Evidence of obscene reels and the exchange of obscene comments has been found in the phones of the culprits.

The viral post is going viral on social media. After seeing the post, users shared various reactions. A user wrote, ‘Result of absence of exemplary harshest punishment to the culprits.’

Another user wrote, ‘Look like such gangs are operating in all cities, there was one such in my city too?’

Another user wrote, ‘Muslim grooming gangs have been around for decades. Nobody touches them. They are now using AI-powered fake clips to abuse women without fear of legal consequences.’

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