10th class student shoots his father dead for he didn’t buy a new phone

A heart-wrenching case has come to light from Meerut, a 10th-class student who committed suicide by shooting himself with his father’s licensed gun. This heart-wrenching incident has shocked the entire family and the neighbors and has spread a wave of grief. The police reached the spot and recovered a suicide note from near the dead body.

Online reports claim that the boy wrote in his suicide note that his father forbade him from using a phone. Aside from this, he had asked his dad to get a phone and a bullet bike. His father refused to purchase a new phone and bike. In his letter, he asserted that his father was unloving. The reason for his action is that he no longer has the wish to live.

The deceased’s father is a businessman, on Tuesday night the father called and reprimanded his elder son Angad for studying. Angad took such a step after getting angry after being humiliated. When the police arrived, the dead bodies of the children were lying on the bed. He had a revolver in his hand and a suicide note had also been recovered from his pocket.

The police have seized the suicide note and are investigating the case. The family and the community are shocked by this tragic incident. The local administration has also expressed deep sorrow over this incident and has advised to be cautious about the mental health of children.

This is not the first case. Many such cases have come to light before where young children committed suicide due to stress. It is important that parents do not put so much pressure on their children, but rather develop a relationship like a friend so that they can share their thoughts and not fall prey to any stress. Today’s generation gets stressed over small things, due to which they take such serious steps.

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