“Teacher kicked me out because I wore Tilak, but they allow Muslim girls in Hijab” Hindu student in West Bengal

West Bengal: Allegations made by a Hindu girl student in a school have raised questions about the education system and religious equality. The female student claimed that she was thrown out of the class for applying for tilak, while Muslim girls are allowed to wear hijab and nothing is said to them. Its video is going viral on social media.

This case is an incident in Murshidabad in West Bengal. The video has been shared by the Twitter handle Shivam Dixit. In the video, a school student alleged, ‘I had applied tilak on my forehead, and wore a Tulsi garland around my neck. The teacher expelled me from the school. But Muslim girls come to school wearing hijab, no one has an objection.

The female student says that she applied this tilak under religious faith and she had no intention to insult or challenge anyone. The girl student also claims that in this school, Muslim girls have complete freedom to wear hijab. After watching the video, users have condemned it a lot. This is not just a matter of religious discrimination but also of social justice and equality. Under Article 25 of the Indian Constitution, all citizens have the right to practice and propagate their faith.

Children of all religions and castes come to school,  and it is wrong to discriminate against them. If school authorities want to implement any rules, these rules should be applied equally to all students. Any rule that is not applied equally to all students is unjust.

After watching the video, users have shared various reactions. Users write, ‘Due to division based on caste, the fight for Hindutva is difficult because first of all, Hindus have to fight with Hindus.’

Another user writes, ‘Hindu people are dead, and a dead person has no rights.’

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