Indian Professor proves Charles Darwin’s theory wrong after 14 years of research

Humans have always been keen on enhancing the knowledge about how humanity was started. We tried to understand our beginning through several sources that include religious stories, folktales etc. However the Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the most reliable theory widely accepted among scientists across the globe. Religious leaders from  nearly all the west countries stood up against him as he had brought in a new angle which questioned the credibility of religious theories of the beginning of humanity.

The Theory of Evolution had indeed given exposure to the fact that living organisms  go through natural selection and mutation to  evolve into  new forms of organisms. Charles Darwin made efforts to explain that life on earth started from one single cell to all living things we see around- including humans. How ever he was not aware about how the first cell was formed. His research carried sincerity and honesty, therefore the science fraternity could not find it hard to get convinced. Later on, numerous researches, studies, evidences collected across the world have only consolidated the claim Darwin made.

But Indian Professor from Kerala, Manoj Kumar P, has gone beyond all this. After 14 years of research, the professor may give a befitting challenge to the theory of evolution which is undoubtedly incomplete. Manoj tried to understand the process both through science and spirituality especially through the teachings of Nava Jyothi Sree Karunakara Guru, a fully realised guru from kerala. During course, he read hundreds of books including bhagavat gita and upanishads. Manoj finally got able to explain as to how the first cell came into being which Charles Darwin had absolutely no clue about.

Professor has found the sun, the moon and earth had played a crucial role in formation of the first cell. Formation was never possible, had there been no lunar dust , hence lunar dust has its role therein. Lunar dust reacts with ocean on full moon day  under the influence of planets,stars,favourable conditions etc helped the formation. Miller -Urey experiment  mimicked the primitive conditions and  synthesized protein.

He further explains the next levels of evolution in humans is the evolution of consciousness which Darwin was not aware of.Darwins  theory starts with the first cell and ends with humans, but the professor says the evolution of human will never end, humans will reach the stage of full consciousness. His 14 years of research echos what western Sci-Fi  movie Lucy tries to convey. The movies emphasizes that the cerebral power of humans will grow and they will be something more than superhuman ie the individual consciousness dissolves in to universal consciousness

He further explains that astral entities are highly evolved and advanced beings.He claims solar system is a living organism which Darwin  again had no clue about. To support his claim, the professor gives the following reasons:

1) It has birth and death.
2) It has movement.
3) It has growth.
4) It responses to external stimulus.
5) It reproduces, and
6) It consumes energy.

These are the characters that a living organism has.

Currently the professor is doing research in Cognitive Science under the Guidance of Dr.RenuMol V.G,CUSAT.

Professor is presenting his theory at a university in Kerala.

Mrityunjay Chaubey
Mrityunjay Chaubey is a co-founder of TheYouth. He hails from Indore. Before The Youth, He has worked for Indian Defence News as a columnist.