10 Interesting facts about famous lawyer Harish Salve which you should never miss

Kulbhushan Yadav, a resident in Balochistan, Pakistan was arrested by the local police and was charged for being a spy to Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing(RAW). Pakistan tried their level best to accuse him as guilty and execute him but International Court of Justice stayed the hanging sentence against him.

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Kubhushan Jadhav could’ve died a long time ago, if it had not been for one man’s heroics in the International Court of Justice. That man is none other than one of the most richest lawyers in Indian history, Harish Salve. There are a lot of things about Harish Salve that I bet you never knew and take a look at few of these amazing facts about him.

1) Born in a higher middle class family that hails from Chhindawada (Madhya Pradesh), Harish Salve is the son of NKP Salve, who was previously a parliamentarian, union minister and most importantly, a fantastic cricket administrator. He played a crucial role in bringing the 1987 World Cup hosting rights to India.

2) Harish Salve is one of the most expensive lawyers available in the fraternity right now. He charges around Rs. 30 Lakh per day.

3)  He has appeared for the most elite of the country- one being Ratan Tata himself in a privacy petition concerning the Niira Radia tapes scandal.

4) Harish Salve was once the solicitor general of India. Solicitor Generals are the advisers to government of India regarding and they appear on behalf of Union Ministers.

5) Harish Salve charged just Rs. 1/- to fight Kulbhushan Yadav’s case as he felt this was a matter of his nation’s pride. He successfully won the case and made some spectacular arguments in the International Court of Justice, which left the Pakistani lawyers spell bound.

6) He appeared for Reliance Industries Limited, fighting cases like the Krishna- Godavari Basin gas dispute that was filed against Mukesh Ambani’s brother, Anil Ambani’s Reliance Natural Resources Limited.

7) He was Salman Khan’s lawyer in the very infamous hit and run case. He successfully got Salman Khan out of danger and proved him innocent.

8) India Today rated him as the 18th most powerful person alive in this country, which indeed is a significant achievement considering he is not into politics. However his critics jibe at him for saving Salman Khan who should have been in Jail.

9) Mr. Salve was originally a CA (Chartered Accountant). But later on he turned a lawyer- probably inspired by his grand father who was in the same profession. His grand father was a well known laywyer.

10) He is currently India’s second most expensive lawyer. He charges around Rs.15 Lakh only to appear in the court.

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