Four students are alone making NE India most attractive for tourists, without Govt help

Tourism is one of the most profitable sectors that most of the governments in the world are making lots of efforts to expand the very sector and make it a lucrative source of earning. There is a general belief that natural beauty of a country is one of the major reasons for tourists to visit it. But study suggests that tourists are more likely to visit those countries which have better infrastructure. China could rarely attract tourists just a few decades ago as it had one of the worst nations with poor infrastructures. Later on, China compromised with its socialist ideology and allowed investors to flock in. With a developed society, China today earns $114 billion a year through tourism alone. The USA earns even more- $246 billion from this sector while Britain, France etc. earn around $60 billion.


On the other hand, despite having natural beauty, India manages only $21 billion of earnings. North East India is rich in scenic beauty, yet tourists rarely visit it. This clearly illustrates that tourists want all facilities while visiting a place. India, therefore, has to develop the all its regions if it wants to expand the sector which requires trillions of dollars.

After all these disappointments, four students- Saurav Shakti Borah, Nishant Saikia, Abhishek Saikia and Rwituraj Gogoi- from different cities of Assam are determined of making their region the most attractive for tourism. They are working on a unique idea so that tourists can flock to that part of the country. These students have launched a start-up by the name of WanderLuster which acts as almost a non profit organisation as they receive only 10% of earning and the rest 90% goes to the poor who have joined them. Because of their amazing contribution to the society, they have won some awards too including the highest award of Tezpur University.


Those, who are interested in visiting North East India, contact them and they provide travelling facilities and accommodation etc. at minimum prices. Many people from local villages have joined them, these people offer their houses to the tourists who want to stay in a local house and enjoy their viallage life. They (house owners) fix their rent and receive 90% of it. Their start up is not only helping tourists to get better facilities at minimum prices but also opening up opportunities for locals to earn a handsome amount. Thanks to these four young brains. We definitely like more people to come forward to do such a work for the country. If you want more details, please visit their official website Click here. You can also follow their Facebook Page to track their activities.

Mrityunjay Chaubey is the editor in chief at The Youth. He hails from Indore. Before The Youth, He worked for Indian Defence News as a columnist and was a reporter at two other sports portals.