Meet factory worker Shivaguru, who slept on platform, cracks UPSC and becomes IAS

The Civil Services Examination (CSE) is considered one of the toughest exams in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. Everyone dreams to clear the Civil Services Exam, but very few are fortunate to crack the exam. Today, we are talking about such a man named M Sivaguru Prabakaran who finally cracked India’s toughest exam UPSC.

Well, how many of us know that Sky is the limit for an individual? M Sivaguru Prabakaran proved anything in the world is possible and going even by the word ‘impossible’ says I’m possible.

The 29 year old man has achieved something incredible in his life which others can only dream of. Mr. Prabakaran who secured 101st rank in the UPSC Civil Services exam faced difficulties in his career before touching the pinnacle of success. This is an inspiring story that needs to be told to all those who have failed in an examination and after reading this, it will certainly give you the much-needed boost to perform well even after failures.

M Sivaguru Prabakaran hails from a farming family hence he had to work as a mill operator, a farm labourer, and later an engineer. “I have worked in the farm, there have been days we have worried about the water for irrigation. I really hope the farmers have a solution on the water issue,” says Sivaguru who is from the Cauvery delta region.

Sivaguru has always been a brilliant student, and his mother has always helped him in making all his dreams come true. “When I was in school, I need a book and we were poor, early in the morning around 4am I was crying worrying about how to do the homework assigned without the book. My mom saw me crying and on knowing it is for the book she immediately set off with me carrying a lantern. We walked for over a kilometre and she got me the book,” said Sivaaguru, “if you need something you need to get it was what my mother always told me.”

During his training period for IIT, he used to sleep on railway platforms. “I didn’t know anyone here. The coaching classes were on Saturday and Sunday and I had no place to stay. I used to travel by train and reach on Saturday attend classes and then take shelter at the platform where I used to study and the following day I used to go to class and then return home,” Sivaguru said. He spent many nights on railway platforms until he found a friend in his coaching class who was ready to share rooms with him.

He has had many ups and downs but he didn’t let the negativity get the better of him. His journey doesn’t really talk only about UPSC Civil Services examinations. He had failed 3 times before touching the pinnacle of success. He has now become an inspiration for many youths who dream to crack the UPSC exam. He has achieved what others dream of. Many people read his inspirational story and get motivated. Let’s praise him for a big achievement.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.