Ludhiana’s Female officer takes heroic Action Against Drug Peddling Gangs

One of the toughest problems that we have to combat these days is the growth of illegal activities like drug peddling, woman trafficking etc. But Ludhiana’s rural police Sub Inspector Ravinder Kaur has decided to act against some of these issues instead of just pitying the fate of the victims.

Credit- Hindustan Times

Ludhiana is one place where we have come across many such kind of cases and Ravinder Kaur’s immediate action taken in just seven days after getting transferred to the Jargoan region is really commendable and appreciable. She has joined Ludhiana Rural Police as additional SHO at police station Sidhwan Bet seven days ago and in a week she has cracked four gangs, involved in drug peddling.

Recognizing her work rate and dedication, Ludhiana rural have decided to felicitate this courageous lady who despite having the odds against her, stood strong and ultimately won this great war against the drug peddling gang. Senior superintendent of police (SSP), Satinder Singh honored the woman officer with appreciation letter.

Kaur’s first break through into the Police department came when she joined as the probation Sub Inspector and got her first job assignment in Ferozepur district. She served in Ferozepur city police station and SHO at police station, Lakhoke Behram.

Kaur’s initial education took place in a government school and later completed in graduation in government college for girls. Her father Dalwinder Singh, who is a retired inspector, was one of the key sources of inspiration for her to join the police department and serve the nation.

“Drug peddlers have their own network and it is tough to breach the network. There is always a possibility of backlash from drug peddlers, sometimes they fight or sometime they try to escape. Taking action against them is not possible without team work,” said sub-inspector Kaur in an interview with Hindustan Times.

The menace of drugs needs to get eradicated for the betterment of the country and it should happen as soon as possible to ensure not many youngsters get effected with this problem.

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