Twitter Reacts Harshly To Evan Spiegel, who called India a “poor country”

Indians have literally set Twitter on fire after they had turned down the derogatory comments made by Evan Spiegel, who called India a poor country which ain’t worth expansion of their business.

Picture Source: The Business Insider

Digging a little deeper, according to a report by Variety, Spiegel allegedly made the comment during a meeting to discuss the growth of the app’s user base in 2015. This came into limelight almost a couple of years after he had allegedly made these comments.

When an employee raised concern about the app’s slow growth in a market like India, which has a growing mobile penetration, Spiegel cut the employee mid-sentence reportedly saying, “This app is only for rich people.”

Variety quoted the employee’s revelation about Spiegel’s reply: “I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”

According to unverified reports, Snapchat had close to 4 million users in India last year. While though the exact user base is not available, this number is expected to have grown since then.

Twitter literally annihilated Evan as they felt really offended on the remarks made on India.

Another humor tweet which is being circulated with claims that Mukesh Ambani made it..

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