9 students are on mission to bring smile on the face of every poor kid

If you have ever been to foreign countries, you would be aware of the fact that India is better known for its poverty all across the globe. Their view towards India is rather justifiable. Though India is growing at an incredible pace, yet there is no doubt, at all, that we see poverty in every corner of the country. And it is no easy job to manage this giant nation; no government can turn the fate of this country overnight.


Everywhere we witness small children holding plates begging for food on roadside. Needless to say, education is their constitutional right, owing to lack of money (I am no longer using the word “poverty” now), neither has the government nor has any private organisation been able to give them their educational rights. Though, both have achieved little success to elevate the graph of quality education amongst children.


Challenges are not over yet, India needs to provide food on their plate as well. In fact, we will have to do all possible work to bring smile on the face of every single child in India. This would be the true definition of development. However, this would be really unfair to lay all responsibility on any government, as this is the responsibility of every citizen of the country to do their bit for marginalized kids- since kids are the future of India.


I have written in many of my articles that politicians are our servants and we people are their boss; this is, therefore, our duty to make our country a truly developed one. This is our duty to instruct our servants (politicians) to work properly. Undoubtedly, it can never be possible unless we ourselves become responsible towards our people. If the boss is not willing to accept his responsibility, the servant will never accept his onus.

Nine young engineering students from Asansol (West Bengal, India) namely Abhijeet Chandra, Abhishek Singh, Priyaranjan Kumar Singh, Raghvendra Pratap, Shubham Mahato, Saurav Bhagat, Vivek Kumar, Bagish Pathak and Chandan Mishra started an initiative to bring smile on the face of as many children as possible. They have named their initiative K’ish which derives from two words Kids’ Wish. They aim at fulfilling the wishes of economically weak kids. They have their own style to bring a smile on the face of these kids. One of the most popular works is that they don’t celebrate their Birthday throwing a lavish party to friends but they go to government schools on their birthday and celebrate it with poor kids and distribute their b’day cake and gifts among school children. They are doing their best what they can do within their financial reach, as they themselves are from middle class families and can’t afford to spend lots of money- even though they want to.


This idea got lots of popularity in the region. So many other students from different colleges and universities have expressed their willingness to join the cause which was started by Abhijeet Chandra along with his friends. With much support from neighbouring cities, now the member student celebrates his/her birthday with at least one kid so that both of them can share happiness together.


They wish to touch all government schools so that kids get interest in attending schools on daily basis. This will, of course, increase the attendance of school students. Now kids from several schools know them (Abhijeet and his friends) by their names and many of them wait for the team to come to their school with gifts and b’day cake. In case you want to physically or morally support this vibrant group of engineering students, you can directly contact the founder- Abhijeet Chandra, his contact number is +917699210870

Mrityunjay Chaubey is the editor in chief at The Youth. He hails from Indore. Before The Youth, He worked for Indian Defence News as a columnist and was a reporter at two other sports portals.