Once, she couldn’t pay Rs. 10 Fee, Now her Daughter studies in United States

When she was 16, Kavita Kevalramani had great ambitions, but money halted her progress. During her 11th standard exams, she failed to pay a sum of Rs 10 which was her school fee, but somehow her classmates pooled her some money to pay the fee.

Her father being a vegetable seller, always struggled to pay her fee on time and on most occasions, it would be her friends who would rescue her out of the situations. Amidst such adversity, Kavita always motivated herself to do something really commendable in life and now, she is an owner of multiple boutiques and is one of the most successful business women in her locality.

Picture Source: Hindustan Times

“It was 1981, and our financial condition was not good. My father used to sell potatoes and onions on a handcart. I still remember how my classmates pooled 25 paise each and paid the school fee on my behalf,” She said to Hindustan Times.

“Life was a struggle. I gave tuitions during the day and studied at night. On most days, I had to study in candlelight as our landlord used to cut the electricity supply at 12 midnight. After my father’s death, I was the sole bread earner of the family. I had to also ensure that my younger sisters and brother got decent education,” She added.

From living in a single rented room alongside her three siblings, she somehow convinced herself to begin her first boutique after having worked as a DTP operator in Indore for sometime. She incidentally was the first woman DTP operator in the country. Though she got married in 1996, she always supported her family as she was their sole bread earner.

“I got my younger sister married before launching my own DTP business in 1994. My business of printing cards and other articles took off, and I bought a flat for my family, I made it clear to my husband (who is also a businessman) that I will continue to support my family even after the marriage.” She said.

Kavita now is a millionaire and has enough wealth to lead a more than comfortable life. But from where she started her life to where she went was solely because of her grit and determination.

She once failed to pay a sum of Rs 10/- to her school, but she ensured such things shall not happen with her kids. Her elder daughter, who is 18 year old, studies in United States whilst her son is currently studying in 9th standard in Indore.

Where you started hardly matters, where you end up is really what personifies who you are.


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