Two Indian students alone solve water problem of world entirely?

At a time when the entire country is reeling under severe shortage of water, everyone wondering about their survival in future. Water scarcity is vital problem on the planet and we must talk over different aspects to get solutions thereto. The ground level water is falling down  at a rapid pace. With increasing population, we need to make sure that we are able to quench the thirst of not only humans but animals too, with the amount of water we have on earth.

Though, around two thirds of earth surface is covered with water however only about 2.4% of water is usable- the rest is saline and can’t be used in our daily life. The situation gets from bad to worse when most of the drinkable water goes wasted. As per a shocking NASA report, which came out in December 2014 and reported in Washington Post, only 9% of water is actually used by humans and the rest goes straight into drainage from taps. This means that 91% of drinkable water is not actually used, it is wasted woing to lack of awareness. For example, while we are washing our hands, we actually use a certain amount of water to wash it properly, but we unconsciously keep the faucet on and water keeps on flowing from the tap.

The above report suggests that if we, somehow, manage to save the water which goes wasted, there will be no water shortage even if we have 50 billion population on earth (today we have over 7 billion population). Now the question would be on your mind that how can we save this enormous amount of usable water? The answer to the question is “Technology”. Only Technology can help us get over this problem.

Before you think too much, let me tell you that two Indian students- Tushar Gulati from Maharaja Agresen Institute of Technology (Delhi) and Akshay Aggrawal from SRM University (Chennai)- have apparently solved the problem already. They invented a technology which can save upto 95% water which we waste at home on daily basis. They call their technology Miniature Nozzle, which can easily be fitted on water taps at your home.

Akshay Aggrawal told TheYouth that the technology works to control the wasted water which bounces off while washing hands, taking a bath, doing dishes etc. It (Miniature Nozzle) breaks down water into millions of water droplets before releasing from the nozzle in order to increase the surface area and reduce the amount of water slipping through our fingers. The problem with the conventional faucets lies in the fact that lots of water comes out but only small amount is actually used. The technology will combat the problem.

“It was very difficult to invent the technology. But we wanted to do something to help India sort out the problem of water scarcity. Since we have witnessed ourselves the water problem from very close, we know how it feels when you don’t have water to drink. We made over 80 different designs and we came up with the final one. We tested and found that upto 95% water can be saved”, Said Akshay to The Youth

Around 29,000 villages in India are prone to drought. Somewhere the situation is so bad that water is being supplied by train. Looking at the scenario, their invention is seen as a divine boon to India. If implemented, the technology alone can do wonders not only in India but all across the world.

(Disclaimer: TheYouth doesn’t vouch for the authenticity of information given above. However, we verified all data and figures to the best of our knowledge)

Mrityunjay Chaubey is the editor in chief at The Youth. He hails from Indore. Before The Youth, He worked for Indian Defence News as a columnist and was a reporter at two other sports portals.