Baby Monkey Cries Its Heart Out By His Mother Who Died After A Collision With A Vehcile

This is exactly what many animal lovers and organisations fear, to lose its very important members by virtue of some reckless behavior from humans. Many might as well not consider reading this article, but those of you reading it, please listen to this story carefully and try your level best to protect our species. After all, every organism on this planet has some or the other role to play in smooth functioning of mankind.

Well, not many realize how important it is to save every animal on our planet and the day even important animal extincts completely from the society, the food chain gets disturbed.

On the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka National highway, a place named Elanthur witnessed a rather uncommon and a heart wrenching scene. One of the vehicles running quite swiftly, knocked down a monkey on the road and lost her life on the spot. But what really caught the eye of every person at that place was the baby monkey’s reaction watching its mother lose its life.

Picture Source: Times Of India

The baby monkey out loud cry and his reaction later on really surprised the people who were around at that moment. It came over to check if her mother’s heart was beating and just the way a human would have done, he just cried out loud. It took the people around by a surprise and they couldn’t avert getting emotional.


The baby monkey didn’t let the people of the village to take the remains of his mother and stood by her for a long time. Local police then reached the location to separate them and eventually, villagers carried the carcass to dispose.

Despite of all this, the baby monkey was in no intention to leave and followed the villagers who were taking the body of his mother. He followed those people till the end and left the location soon after.

Well, this was quite a heartbreaking story which should serve as an alarm bell to all those sleeping “humans”, who drive recklessly on the roads and pave way for various such incidents. Let’s drive safe, let’s protect our fellow mates who have an equal right to live on this planet as much as we do and let’s vow to ensure humanity shall come before anything and everything.

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