Meet ‘RADA’ – The New Robot to guide passengers at Delhi international airport

In an interesting news for the passengers, Vistara is all geared up to install robot ‘RADA’ to assist passengers at Delhi Airport. The robot will help the passengers know the flight status as well as it will assist you to your designated boarding gate. Very interesting isn’t it? Yes, it is.

Apart from that, the robot also provides details about weather conditions and the best part is that it offers details about your favourite movies and also actively involves your kids with captivating video games.

Robot RADA (Credits: The Hindu)

A Tata-Singapore joint venture airline, Vistara, said on Tuesday that it had devised a robot called RADA, using Artificial Intelligence technology, that will be kept at its signature lounge at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport from July 5 onwards.

It is going to be a new experience for all the passengers who will certainly stumble upon the robot, which will answer all your queries when you have scanned your boarding pass.

Robot ‘RADA’ initial impressions means that it will greet customers and also interact with them using basic hand movements and will move around in the lounge on pathways. The smart robot is programmed in such a way that it can respond to three different sets of queries namely Safe set, Unsafe set and the last set.

Safe set relating to a passenger’s flight and services available in the lounge. The “unsafe set” includes thinking and natural questions such as ‘How are you?’ and ‘What are you doing?’ The last set chips in with requests for entertainment in the form of favourite movies and video games.

“This is a trial phase during which the robot will be tested for its cognitive response. It will be developed further for as many as 17 use cases, including carrying wheelchairs for passengers, collecting luggage and assisting senior citizens,” Vistara’s Chief Information and Innovation Officer, Ravinder Pal Singh told The Hindu in a telephonic interview.

Roboto ‘RADA’ has a chassis comprising wheels which can rotate 360 degrees, which can run, walk and rotate. The word ‘RADA’ is derived from ‘Radha,’ the name of the daughter of a Principal Architect in Vistara’s creative IT team who played a significant in its development.

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