From the slums of Mumbai to the Oscar Red Carpet, this boy has made every Indian proud

Sunny Pawar, son of a sweeper at a government office, lived all his life in the slums of Mumbai. Completely out of the blue, he got an opportunity to work in the Oscar nominated film “Lion”, which eventually took to the grandest stage on the planet, the Oscar Red Carpet.

Picture Source: BBC News

standard 3 student from a local school where he is excellent at studies, Sunny along with his younger brother and sister, live with parents- father Dilip Pawar, a former government office sweeper, and home-maker mother Vasu, in a slum in Kalina in the western suburbs of this city, nearby the Mumbai airport. Despite his poor background, Sunny toiled hard and passed all rounds of audition to get a role in the blockbuster Hollywood biographical film Lion


The 8 year old’s mother expressed her disappointment as their family couldn’t watch the live telecast of the event due to a faulty cable connection. But definitely, their entire family was incredibly proud of what their boy had achieved at a tender age of 8.

” His father told me which channel to watch it on ,but I missed it due to the faulty cable connection.We live in a joint family ,so we will all sit together and watch the awards function again” said the jubilant mother.

The team of “Lion” apparently are arranging a United States trip for his family and without a shadow of a doubt, they are excited.

Lion is a critically acclaimed biographical film starring Dev Patel, directed by Gareth Davis, based on the book “A Long Way Home” written by Saroo Brierly. It received a total of six Oscar nominations, including a nomination in the best picture category.


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