Agra: wife announced ₹50 thousand for killing her husband on what’s app status

Recently, a strange case has come to light from Agra, which has left everyone stunned. A wife put such a status on her WhatsApp that her husband was shocked to see. The wife got upset with her husband and on her Whatsapp status, she put a reward of 50 thousand for the person who killed her husband. His wife has been charged with domestic violence. The police are investigating the matter.

According to the information given in the FIR report, the young man was married to a girl from Bhind village in July 2022. After some time of marriage, there was a dispute between the two. The wife went to her maternal home. The young man alleges that his wife has illicit relations with another young man. The same wife put a status on her mobile and wrote “What has anyone done to me, my father is in the police, so I do not need to be afraid.” However, now the police station Bah has registered a case against the girl on the complaint of the young man and has started investigating the matter.

A daily threat is alleged to be received by the husband. In-laws, wife, and her friend threaten to kill him over the phone. His wife is giving contract killers 50 thousand rupees in his name. My wife wrote on her WhatsApp status that the marriage had happened against my consent. It is alleged that the wife has relations with a neighbor tenant of her maternal house. Inspector in charge Bah Shyam Singh said that a case has been registered under section 67 of the Information Technology Act 2008 for intimidation and the matter is being investigated.

This declaration of the wife to kill her husband went viral on social media and it started being discussed rapidly on social networks. People have condemned it and also considered it a money-lender. The news of the case has shocked people a lot, marriage is considered a game, make a relationship anytime and then break it. It is necessary to take legal steps after this incident so that such incidents can be stopped and the values of equality and respect can be strongly promoted in society.

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