Kerala’s oldest School Student clears Class 4 Equivalency Exam

There is a famous saying that age is nothing to do with success and Bhageerathi Amma’s story is one that needs to be told to inspire all those people who had to leave their education unfinished due to unforeseen circumstances. Bhageerathi Amma is setting a classic example that others should take note of. The 105-year-old woman is showing the world that learning never stops.

Bhageerathi Amma scripted history as she recently became the oldest ‘school student’ in the state of Kerala after cracking the fourth-standard equivalency examination that she attended last year. Even at this elderly age, she secured 74.5 per cent in the exam and thus proving that age is just a number.

Credits: EPS

The Kerala State Literacy Mission (KSLM) district coordinator identified as Pradeep Kumar revealed the result to literacy worker KB Vasanthakumar. “She was very excited to know her result. A few days ago when she was sick due to some age-related issues, she was concerned about her results,” TNIE quoted Vasanthakumar as saying.

After the literacy exam, Bhageerathi has been made KSLM brand ambassador so she can now truly inspire and motivate women to get back to the academics they once gave up. As per the report, she got married at a very young age and lost her husband in her 30s when she was pregnant with their youngest daughter.

At that time considering her circumstances, she could not make it to the exam centre and then wrote the examination under the supervision of the panchayat member at her house at Prakkulam in Thrikkaruva panchayat.

Education is a vital factor and Bhageerathi Amma has taught us great a lesson that there are no age restrictions to learning. She is over a hundred years old and has taught us to not give up in life.