Kerala Story in Rajasthan: two Muslim roommates force Hindu girl to befriend a Muslim guy and marry him

Recently, a serious case has come to light from Alwar, Rajasthan. This case brings the Kerala story into reality. According to the police, two Hindu girls claimed that they were being instigated to convert and were being pressured by their roommates. The police are investigating the matter. A video of this case is going viral on social media.

According to the viral video, the police in-charge says, two Hindu girls who are living in Alwar city and studying in college. They have two roommates named Babita and Sakina, both of them are pressuring the Hindu girls to convert and ask them to befriend a boy named Wasim. She asks them to marry Wasim and convert their religion. The Hindu girls say that Wasim also follows them when they both come home from college.

Both the Hindu girls have informed the police about the case, they are very upset with them. The police have started investigating the case. Pressuring someone for conversion is a big crime. Such cases come up every day, often young generation Hindu girls are being trapped in this trap. This case is also like the Kerala Story, similar cases have been shown in it too, which is true somewhere.

The viral video has been shared on Instagram by themembharat. The viral video has received more than a lakh views and more than 8 thousand likes. After watching the video, users are quite shocked and have shared various types of reactions while expressing their views. Forced conversion essentially shows a big crime. It is being seen as a big controversy in society, which has caused widespread discussions at the political and social levels.

A user writes, ‘Muslims showing their culture as usual. Rajasthan becoming next Kerala.’

Another user writes, ‘Those Muslims forcing or pressurizing anyone from any religion is completely haram (prohibited) these are brainwashed on another level live and let them live but if someone interferes in your religion then show them their reality.’

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