Man wears Burqa and steals Mobile phones, caught by passers-by

Recently a shocking video has been seen on social media which is also going viral. You must have seen many cases of theft but this style will surprise you because it is a bit filmy. An old man and a boy were caught stealing a phone under the cover of a burqa. People passing by caught them and the truth of both came out.

In the viral video, a burqa-clad woman is sitting in a handicapped vehicle but there is a secret behind it, it is not a woman but a man who is sitting in a burqa. A boy drives the handicapped vehicle, his clothes are torn and he is in a very serious condition. Some people are passing by them, and they get suspicious of both of them and start questioning them.

The man wearing a burqa indicates with his hand that he cannot speak. The young men question the child, who is this, he says she is my mother, her name is Haseena Jaan. The boy is inspected by them, and a new phone is found in his pocket. The boy gets scared, then the man wearing a burqa removes his mask and both are caught. We have seen this scene only in films, a man wearing a burqa stealing but this has been seen in reality.

The viral video has been shared by an Instagram page named ramdutsena. The video has received more than 3 lakh views and more than 19 thousand likes. This incident has created seriousness in the society. It has become very important for people to be alert and take care of their safety. Nowadays people go to any extent to commit crimes. After watching the viral video, users are shocked and are sharing various types of reactions expressing their views.

A user writes, ‘Anyone can be inside the burqa, so be careful and cautious of them, people who steal small children use burqa only.’

Another user writes, ‘Burqa should be banned, it is a safe zone for militants.’

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