Kerala Muslim girl hid 1 kg gold in her private part, caught at the airport

News reports about smuggling incidents are common, but a recent scary case of gold being smuggled out of Kerala, and involved a female crew member.  After 1 kg of gold was found hidden in the alleged air hostess’s private parts, an investigation into the gold’s smuggling was carried out.

Based on top-secret intelligence, DRI personnel inspected the air hostess on May 28 after the flight landed at Kannur airport from Muscat. The shocking revelation officials said that she had 960 gm of gold concealed in her rectum. Following an investigation, the defendant appeared in court, when she was placed under detention for 14 days. She was sent to Kannur women’s jail.  According to DRI sources, this is the first time an airline crew member has smuggled gold into his private area in the nation.

The gold smuggling scandal has raised a shadow over Kerala’s political landscape in the last decade. Allegations of involvement in this unlawful activity have been made against the chief minister of the state. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor’s close associate was taken into custody concerning the same smuggling case.

According to sources, the investigation has revealed that she has been involved in gold smuggling several times before. Sources said that the involvement of some people from Kerala in the racket is also being investigated. Surabhi Khatoon works on an Air India Express flight and was a cabin crew member of the plane that arrived in Kannur from Muscat on May 28.

After this incident, Air India Express and other airlines have decided to further the process of strict checking and monitoring of their employees. DRI and other security agencies are conducting an intensive investigation to get to the bottom of the matter. Because of the increasing cases of gold smuggling in Kerala, the government and security agencies have jointly stressed the need to further strengthen anti-smuggling measures. This incident has also heated the state’s political atmosphere, where controversies are already going on due to allegations of gold smuggling.

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