Elvish Yadav exposed Dhruv Rathee in his 40 min long video

YouTubers Elvish Yadav and Dhruv Rathi have always been at odds, and they’ve exposed each other multiple times. Recently, Elvish Yadav made a 40-minute fact-check video exposing Dhruv Rathi and published it on his YouTube channel. Elvish has exposed Dhruv Rathi in his new video, in which he has discussed Dhruv Rathi’s controversial statements and efficiency and giving wrong information.

According to Elvish Yadav’s video, Dhruv Rathi calls himself neutral does not call himself a member of any political party, and does not work for anyone. But Elvish’s fact check shows that Dhruv Rathi used to work for the IT cell of Aam Aadmi Party, on 7 October 2014, Rathi made a video for Arvind Kejriwal and also supported AAP. On 21 December 2014, he made a song for AAP (5 Saal Kejriwal) and since 2014, he has been continuously posting it on AAP’s official Facebook page. In 2015, Rathi made another song (Aam Aadmi Aaye Hai) and on the same evening, he shared it on AAP’s official Facebook page.

AAP spent money on an advertisement for its Odd-Even scheme. Dhruv Rathi defended it a lot and when he was caught, he made that video private. He has made many other such videos private in which he whitewashed the criminal charges on AAP leaders. On 27 July 2016, Aam Aadmi Party invited Dhruv Rathi to make their official manifesto, and on 12 January 2017, AAP’s social media head himself confirmed that Dhruv Rathi was a part of their research team.

Dhruv Rathi made a video in which he compared BJP and AAP leaders and said that AAP leaders have 0 criminal cases and BJP leaders have 63 criminal cases. Whereas AAP’s senior leader Somnath Bharti already has 6 criminal cases pending against him and the main leader Arvind Kejriwal had 13 criminal cases pending against him in 2020. While giving this information, Elvish clarifies how neutral Dhruv Rathi is and which party he belongs to.

Who is behind Dhruv Rathi?

In 2020, Dhru Rathi created a Facebook group in which a special person was also included, Adil Aman, who himself worked with AAP and often commented about Narendra Modi and Amit Shah being murdered. Dhruv Rathi and Adil Aman not only run a Facebook page together but also plan protests. Adil Aman leads these protests. Adil also shifted to Germany and has worked for Karwan e Mohabbat NGO since 2019. The founder of this NGO is Harsh Mander.

Harsh Mander also shifted to Germany in 2021 but was earlier on Sonia Gandhi’s advisory committee. Harsh used to defame Hindus at the international level, trap them in fake cases, and work for George Soros. Former PM Manmohan Singh’s daughter also works for George Soros. George Soros gave 100 crore dollars in funding to remove the nationalist government from the whole world.

How is Dhruv Rathi connected to this gang and where do the script and timing of Dhruv Rathi’s videos come from?

Dhruv Rathi and Harsh Mander’s social media posts follow a pattern in which there is a gap of 2 to 4 days. Harsh Mander first shares the post from his Twitter, then within 3 to 4 days Dhruv Rathi makes a video on the same content and shares it. Harsh Mander tweeted on 14 Dec 2019 about CAA and NRC, spreading fake news about NRC which was not even implemented, and exactly 3 days later Dhruv Rathi shared a video with the same content. Both of them follow the same pattern.

Why is Dhruv Rathi interested in anti-nationals?

DW News is a German government-paid media like BBC. Dhruv Rathi and DW News have collaborated on a documentary on how Hindus commit violence against Muslims. Irfan Mehra writes articles for DW News, The Wire, and TRT World news portals on how to separate Kashmir from India and promote anti-India things. TRT World was started by Turkey and Pakistan ISI agency TRT to spread propaganda against India in which most journalists are from Pakistan and Kashmir.

Dhruv Rathi’s Dictatorship

Dhruv Rathi has groups on all social media platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook, where he gets the videos reported and gets them permanently deleted. He sends direct WhatsApp threats. He attacks directly, which recently happened with a YouTuber Karolina Goswami through a live attack. Whoever counters his points, he mass reports them, blocks them and finally, in the last option, he attacks directly.

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