“I got Over 220 death threats after I exposed Dhruv Rathee”

Karolina Goswami, a famous YouTuber and social media influencer, has recently been facing death threats. Karolina has appealed to the Indian government for protection, after receiving more than 220 death threats, she took this step and revealed all in a video in which the case related to Dhruv Rathee behind all this has come to light.

Actually, according to the video, a few days ago Carolina had shared 2 fact check videos on YouTube exposing the fake content of Dhruv Rathi. After these videos, Carolina started receiving death threats, this was not just limited to online harassment but she was also finding it difficult to step out of the house. Karolina has indicated that some of the threats included personal information about her family, increasing her concerns for her safety.

In the video, Karolina and her husband say, now this has become unbearable. Ever since all this started, we have not been able to make any videos or vlogs. It has become difficult for us to even leave the house; along with us, our two innocent kids are also being threatened with death.

Till now Dhruv Rathee has not publicly commented on the allegations made by Karolina Goswami or the threats given to him thereafter. Their silence leaves room for speculation and highlights the complex dynamics between high-profile content creators and their followers. Karolina’s appeal to the Indian government is not just a demand for personal safety, but also a message against the spread of fake content and promotion of violence by popular YouTubers. Prominent Indian politicians and anti-India media outlets have contributed to the popularity of such people, making the issue even more serious.

The viral video has received more than 2 lakh views and after watching the video, users are sharing many types of reactions many are asking for banning Dhruv Rathi’s YouTube channel while some people are in support of Dhruv Rathi.

One user writes, ‘Yes, he should be banned for propagating false information.’

Another user writes, ‘Why ban? If anyone feels he is making fake videos then please make a reaction video to his video and reply to him outright. Banning is like behaving like an ostrich burying its head in sand. He will make what he feels right and the world will know but you won’t act maturely.

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