Ranchi: Man kills DJ at bar after being refused alcohol

Recently a horrifying video has surfaced on social media which is going viral rapidly. This video is of a bar in Ranchi where a DJ was shot dead for allegedly not serving liquor in the bar. According to reports, the man who murdered the DJ was one of the five criminals who entered the bar. After committing the crime, the five criminals fled from the spot.

According to the viral video, the accused is wearing shorts and has his face covered with a shirt to hide his identity. DJ is shown falling to the ground after being shot from point black range. The accused fled away after committing the crime. This is a very shocking matter, the police are investigating this case.

According to reports, this shocking incident happened after a dispute over not serving liquor. A group of five youths reached the bar after it was closed and asked for liquor. When he refused, one of them took out his rifle and fired a covert shot at the DJ. The DJ named Sandeep was immediately sent to the nearest hospital but the doctor declared him dead. At present, after visiting the spot on Monday morning, the police are examining the CCTV footage to identify the shooter and his associates.

The viral video has been shared by Prem Shankar on Twitter. He has written, ‘Video of DJ Sandy being shot at Extreme Bar in Ranchi, he was shot after 1:00 in the night while the closing time of the bar is 11:00, hence the lax attitude of the police raises a question mark. Many bars in Ranchi remain open till 2-3 in the night.

This tragic incident has sparked outrage and raised serious concerns about the enforcement of closing times and overall security at bars in Ranchi. The police are under scrutiny for their perceived negligence, and there is a growing demand for stricter regulations and better law enforcement to prevent such incidents in the future.

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