Youtuber who made many videos to expose Dhruv Rathee gets attacked in Germany and France

Prominent YouTuber Karolina claims that she faced confrontations from Dhruv Rathee’s followers in Germany and France after she conducted a fact-check on his content. While Dhruv Rathee talks about India’s Media Freedom Index, despite being repeatedly attacked and criticized by Karolina and her husband, Dhruv has always maintained silence and never talked about the couple. Or tried to defend himself against their allegations in any of his videos.

A couple named Anurag Goswami and Karolina Goswami, who run the YouTube channel ‘India in Details’, have accused YouTuber Dhruv Rathee of attacking them by allegedly sending goons to fact-check their videos. In a video released on their YouTube channel, the couple said they faced attacks from “radical supporters” of Dhruv Rathee in Berlin as well as Paris.

“Radical supporters of Dhruv Rathee have targeted us in Europe. We have faced two attacks – one in France and the other in Germany. I hope the Indian government will do something to protect us from this. We have already arrested two police officers. Have visited.” Station in Europe,” Anurag said.

His wife Karolina, originally a Polish woman, who made the video on Dhruv Rathee, said, “After a lot of discussion and careful consideration, we have decided to make it public. Yes, I want to.” Let the YouTube community see that horror.” We confront and how it happened.”

Anurag Goswami then narrated his ordeal in the entire video about how he was targeted by Dhruv Rathee’s “radical supporters” and when confronted he raised slogans in support of the YouTuber. The video also includes pictures of their attacked car, which has windows broken and glass scattered all over the place. Goswami also said that he had filed police complaints twice after the two attacks in different European cities.

This is also true in a way because interestingly, despite being repeatedly attacked and criticized by Karolina and her husband, Dhruv has always maintained silence and has never talked about the couple or any of his He did not try to defend himself against her allegations in the video. Maybe because not, everyone knows their truth.

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